DNS Propagation Checker


What is DNS Propagation?

When you perform a DNS change there is a time interval for it to be replicated across the internet. For this reason, some services continue to query the previous information until the propagation stops.

DNS propagation may take a few hours, meaning some ISPs may take hours to identify such a change and direct the user to the new address. Because of this we suggest you change the DNS in periods of reduced access, such as at weekends.

Server Result TTL
South Africa Dimension Data
South Africa Syrinx
United States Google
United States Verisign
United States Level 3
United States Symantec Corporation
United States DNS Advantage
Taiwan HiNet
Singapore SingNet
Russia Yandex
Russia SkyDNS
India BSNL
India BHARTI Airtel
France OVH SAS
France Nerim SAS
Spain puntCAT
Denmark censurfridns.dk
Germany ClaraNet
Germany ClaraNet
China Baidu
Canada Nucleus
Brazil Brasil Telecom
Australia Speedweb
Australia TPG Telecom
Australia Exetel
Austria Emerion WebHosting

How to test DNS propagation?

When you make a change to the DNS of a domain, it is necessary for it to spread across the planet. This operation is not instantaneous. In some cases this DNS Propagation may take up to a few hours or even can take upto 48 hours.

DNS Propagation

To check DNS propagatoin or monitor whether this spread was successfully made through the site you can use our service DNS Checker. Our service tests the spread of DNS in various parts of the world. If the DNS of your provider has not yet been updated which can be a problem for the cache of your DNS, you can get a sense that how successful was the DNS propagation in other parts of the world.

How to know if there has already been DNS propagation?

Server switching is synonymous with work and setbacks, especially with regard to DNS propagation. It is normal for the DNS of a domain to be changed and some time after the site continues to be directed to the old server. This is because the cache used by DNS servers is not updated instantly as soon as there are changes in the domain. Usually the propagation is complete after 24h or 48h.

However, during this time, some servers' cache is updated, that is, some servers receive the new information before others. This way, in some places in the world it is already possible to access the site on the new server, while in others the visitor is still directed to the old server. There are some services that do a DNS check associated with the domain on several servers in the world. So it is possible to follow the propagation.

If you've changed DNS and noticed that it has already propagated through some servers but is still inaccessible to you, try to access it using a proxy as it may already be available in other parts of the world.